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Pantry Makeover!

I normally don’t photograph my work because I am respectful of my clients’ privacy. But this client insisted that I take photos. Pantries are normally a pretty quick job, especially when you have a beautiful walk in space like this. Ideally, I prefer nothing on the floor. The first shelf off the floor should be for appliances because they are so heavy you don’t want to have them up high. The next two shelves are PRIME REAL ESTATE, meaning that these are the most accessible shelves for items that you go to the most. The first shelf has these baskets that hold each category, “Chips”, “Crackers”, Breakfast” etc… The next shelf has some lazy susans for “oils”, “vinegars” and a riser for canned goods. And in the very back, I have baskets for bars and jars for nuts. Remember to keep it simple and don’t over-categorize.

Having a pantry that is well kept and organized will save you time and money.