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For The Love of Your Own Space

Last year I bought my first house in Los Angeles. It’s a 1932 Spanish Revival in Leimert Park. The house has been pretty much untouched since 1932 so it’s been a journey restoring it to it’s glory. Since I make a living working with clients closets I wanted to have one to really show off. The master bedroom has two closets that were not that impressive. In the hallway there were two closets. One functions perfectly as a linen closet and the other was a walk-in with two rods for long hang storage. I knew that I could easily transform the walk-in to my master closet. It’s right outside my bedroom so it made sense that this could be my closet. I drew up some rough sketches of what I wanted and then I used painters tape to outline the design of the closet. I recommend doing this so you can really get a feel for the space.

Professional organizer Los Angeles, Julie Naylon, Closet Makeover

It was important to me to use real wood for the closet, remaining true to the time period. The left side of the closet was a little bit wider than the right so I made this space for shoes. I framed the closet around the window with a double hang on either side and drawers down the middle. I repurposed the nobs from the kitchen after I boiled them in water to remove the layers of paint. The chandelier was a Craig’s List find that added a bit of glam to the closet. The rug was $15 from my favorite, and in walking distance, TJ Maxx. The Organizing Barbie was made by my Mom who gave it to me when I started my business. The space holds pretty much everything except for my long hang which is stored in the second closet in my bedroom.

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To say that I am happy with how it turned out would be an understatement. I love that I can get dressed in my closet with the door closed. For only a little more money than I would have spent on a dresser, I was able to build my dream closet. And most of all I love watching my daughter Maude play dress up in Mommy’s closet.